Safe Boating Course


CHAPTER 7: Water Activities & The Marine Environment


Your PWC will not start unless you have the lanyard attached to the start/stop switch. The lanyard must then be attached to your wrist or lifejacket.

PWCs have quick acceleration and the ability to turn sharply, which are two of the reasons why they are so fun to drive. But it also means that it’s not unusual for a PWC operator to fall off their vessel. Luckily, if you’re wearing a lanyard and a lifejacket, this isn’t usually a big deal.

When you fall off your PWC, the lanyard will be pulled out of the start/stop switch, stopping the engine immediately. Your PWC will then come to a stop relatively quickly, which ensures that it doesn’t become a “runaway” vessel that might endanger other boaters and swimmers. It also means you won’t have far to swim to climb back on for another ride.