Safe Boating Course


CHAPTER 5: Navigation Rules

Welcome to Chapter 5

Welcome to Chapter 5! In this chapter, we’ll learn about the rules of the road when you're out operating your boat. For example, you'll learn when you have the right of way and when you need to move out of the way. It's all important information for avoiding collisions and staying safe when you're on the water.

By the end of the chapter, you should know:

  • The definitions of important navigation terms, as well as the basic navigation rules;
  • What sound signaling equipment you are legally required to have on board and what the different sound signals mean;
  • Your basic responsibilities as a boat operator;
  • The rules for avoiding a collision on the water; How to interpret what different navigation lights mean;
  • The rules for navigating in periods of darkness; and
  • Sound signaling requirements for operating in restricted visibility.