Safe Boating Course


CHAPTER 4: Emergency Preparedness


Every year, many drowning and boat related fatalities are the direct result of a fall overboard or a boat capsizing in cold water.

Why is cold water so dangerous? Because cold water literally “shocks” the body and causes it to slowly shut down, making drowning much more likely.

As a boater, you want to avoid cold water whenever possible and take extra caution whenever boating in cold water environments.

You also need to know some survival tips in the event of an emergency situation where you do end up in cold water. We’ll review these tips in more detail in the next videos.

For now, remember that your priority in the case of cold water immersion is to get yourself out of the water as quickly as possible using whatever means available.

Now let’s look at the different stages the body goes through when immersed in cold water. This will help you understand why cold water is so serious.