Safe Boating Course


Welcome to!

Hi and welcome to, your online boater education course!

To get started, let’s take a quick tour of how the course works.

On each page of the course, you’ll find an animated video that explains an important boating concept. Every video is narrated, so, all you need to do is press play, sit back, watch and listen. If you prefer to read on your own, you’ll find all the information on the page below the video, along with helpful illustrations.

How long will the course take? The course is divided into nine chapters; and law requires that you spend a minimum of 3 hours studying the course material. A timer on each page ensures that the minimum study time is spent.

Since introducing page timers, more than 95% of students pass on the first try.

You don’t have to finish the course in one go. You can sign in and out whenever you need a break. And when you come back later, you’ll pick up right where you left off.

At the end of each chapter, you’ll take a quiz to make sure that you've understood all of the information and are ready to move onto the next chapter. We’ll do a review before each quiz to make sure that you’re well prepared.

You’ll find that every quiz and exam question is illustrated to help you remember the material. It’s one of the things that our students love about We think you will too.

We’re going to cover a lot of information in the course. By the end, you’ll be graduating a much safer, more competent boater. And you’ll have your state’s boater education card. Which means you’ll be ready for the water!

Remember to pay close attention to any state-specific boating information. You’ll find it in the last chapter, and it always ends up on the final exam!

Okay…ready to start? The first subject we're going to learn about is the parts of a boat. Let’s go!