Georgia Boater Education Course


CHAPTER 6: On The Waterways


Here are some tips to help you set anchor with success.

  • First, remember that the wind and current will move your boat around your anchor—so you need to set your anchor in a spot that allows for 360 degrees of movement without any issues.
  • To have your boat end up in the desired position, pick a spot upwindtowards the windward side. from where you want to end up to lower your anchor. You'll naturally drift downward once the anchor is set.
  • Now, calculate how much rode you'll need. The rode should measure between 7 and 10 times the depth of water in which you're anchoring.
  • Get your rode ready so that you’ll be able to release your anchor smoothly to the bottom. Before releasing the rode, make sure that it’s not wrapped around anyone’s feet or any equipment on board.

  • Once the anchor has hit bottom and you've let enough rode out to allow for some movement, give the rode a tug to set the anchor.
  • Now, secure the rode to a bow clean and adjust the line. You're set!

Rode = 7-10 x water depth