Georgia Boater Education Course


CHAPTER 2: Boating Equipment


When selecting what visual distress signals to carry on board your boat, it’s important to make sure that you have a minimum of 3 devices that can be used in either daytime or nighttime.

That means you can combine any type of pyrotechnic VDS’s as long as they add up to three that can be used in the day and three that can be used at night.

Some acceptable combinations include:

  • Three hand held red flares;
  • One electric distress light, and three hand held orange smoke distress signals;
  • One handheld red flare and two parachute flares; or
  • One handheld orange smoke signal and two floating orange smoke signals, and one electric distress light.

Sound confusing? Just remember that you need a minimum of three visual distress signals that you can use in either day or night. That may mean you need to carry more than three signals in total.